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This year has been a BEAST, to say the least! We finally "dropped the mic" in Target isles just in time for the New Year! The Doux officially launches 5 of our super dope signature products beginning Christmas Eve and will be rolling out over next few days in select Target stores nationwide. To find a location near you, click here.

A Long Time Coming: Over the past 5 years, we've been honored to share our products with our clients at The Doux Salon, and our very supportive online community. It seems like only yesterday we were testing the line on hundreds of clients and using their feedback to develop products with the performance that they requested. We'd had opportunities in the past to bring The Doux to a larger market, but hesitated on more than one occasion, primarily because one, the market was so over-saturated, and two, we knew how different we were from what was already out there.The Doux has always been an authentic brand. Since inception, we've been big on being real with the public about the scientific truths of natural hair care and dispelling myths that swarm around the internet and social circles. A brand developed by a professional that actually encouraged style versatility and curly-to-straight options, at the time, was considered counter-culture to the "all natural" natural hair movement. How would we squeeze past everything else that's out there, and speak truthfully about our values over all the static? Needless to say, the challenge of supporting "Smart Chicks with Real Hair" who were beginning to explore more styling options like blowouts, braids, and wigs, gave us wobbly knees. We prayed and waited for the right timing.

When the opportunity to come to Target presented itself, we decided to take the leap. We've worked feverishly over the past several months, juggling this new conquest and our day-to-day salon business. We're so proud to bring something to the streets that we know you'll feel good about. We hope you love it as much as we doux!

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