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How to Take Care of Your Hair with Natural Products?

We all want our hair to be all shiny, bouncy and most importantly healthy.  The million-dollar question is how do you take care of your hair with natural products? Does that mean no shampoos or I can use any hair products for natural hair? Absolutely not, using natural products to take care of your hair doesn’t mean that you have to discard the products you have. It means that you have to concentrate on the health of your hair rather than spending loads of money on products that capture your attention by looking at their advertisement. Let’s have a look at some methods on how to take care of your hair with natural products:

Oil your hair:

Hair oils are a natural moisturizer and your hair will thank you.If you included them in your hair care routine, you don’t have to apply oil on your hair all the time. Doing so might cause product build up and you do not want that for your hair. Oils keep your roots hydrated and nourished. It also adds luster and nutrients to your hair.

Do it yourself:

You are no stranger to this term D.I.Y, the internet is filled with instructions on how to take care of your hair with the products available in our kitchen.  One of the best methods is to use an egg treatment; the egg white moisturizes your hair, even more so if you have dry and brittle hair. Another holy grail D.I.Y is to use apple cider vinegar as a rinse and it works like a charm.

Give enough moisture:

Hydration and moisture is one of the most important things that your hair needs, especially in order to keep it frizz free. Yogurt is a very good product which gives the moisture that your hair needs. It works as a hair moisturizer for natural hair and your hair will love it. If your hair needs more moisture you can add a spoon of honey and banana and that will do the trick as well.  If you feel that your hair isn’t moisturized enough find in an experienced hair stylist and receive a hair treatment.

Apart from the use of moisturizing hair products for natural hair, you might want to incorporate some healthy regimens in your hair care as follows:

1. Use a mild shampoo on the hair as well as it clears the dirt from your hair.

2. What you eat is also important, drink loads of water and eat fruits and vegetables.

3. Do not wash your hair with hot water.

4. Massage your hair, as it helps with the circulation of blood and therefore making the follicles healthy.

5. If your hair is sun damaged, use moisturizing hair products for natural hair, until the protein bonds repair.