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Steps to keep your black hair smooth and glossy using natural hair product for black hair

black hair care products for natural hair


Curls come in all types and textures. If you have natural type 4C curly hair and you are deciding to keep your natural, you mayface unique challenges that come with this hair texture. The good news is that you don't need to put in hours’ worth of effort and money in order to maintain a healthy 4C texture. This texture is also known as Afro or kinky.

Characteristics of Afro Textured hair and Black People Hair Products

Hair products for type 4 curls are hard to find. There are characteristic features specifically for type 4 hair. One would need to identify their hair type before investing in a product-based hair care regimen. The following are the characteristic features of type 4C hair:

  • Tightly coiled hair.
  • Hair strands forming fine zig zag patterns
  • Hair strands tend to dry out quickly, and cannot remain moist for a long time.
  • Hair strands are highly prone to shrinkage.
  • Hair strands are prone to stubborn knots and tangles and require frequent detangling
  • Hair strands are prone to matting, if not taken care of properly
  • Hair strands that break when applied too much pressure

Challenges to Maintain Type 4C Curly hair

After correctly identifying your hair type, the question that arises is, how do I keep my hair smooth and glossy using natural hair products?

The answer to the question is, hair gels and mousses.

There aren’t many salons that provide wash & go services for this hair type which leads people have to search and travel great distances to find their perfect salon which becomes a great expense.

There are new black- owned hair product brandsthat are addressing the overall care and maintenance for natural type 4c hair.

Do you have Type 4 curly hair and find yourself searching on the internet for the answers to the following questions:

  • Black people hair products
  • Black hair wash and go
  • Natural hair product for black hair
  • Black hair care products for natural hair

Then this blog post will answer all your hair based queries. There are unique challenges that arise with the unique hair type that you have. No matter how prone to dehydration, shrinking, matting, tangling or breaking your hair is, you can also get a mane of healthy, black, glossy looking hair. One major change however, which needs to happen in your hair care routine is the replacement of artificial chemical based products to natural hair product for black hair.

The following are the crucial steps that you should follow in order to maintain a healthy head of coily hair:

  • Keep your hair hydrated: Owing to the fine zig zag nature of type 4C or Afro textured hair, the natural oils that your scalp produces, encounter a barrier in distribution throughout. This makes it necessary to keep your hair externally moisturized so that it does not dry out. Oils, gels, mousses and creams usually help in locking moisture and ensuring that your scalp remains healthy.
  • Shampoo at spaced intervals: Make sure not to wash your hair too much. Regular shampooing is necessary and hygienic, however, people with type 4C hair should give at least 2-3 week’s rest before another shampooing session. One should also make sure to avoid shampoos that contain artificial chemicals such as sulfates. One should switch to natural products that gently cleanse your scalp without drying it out too much.
  • Detangling and Deep conditioning: Use leave-in conditioners with natural ingredients every week in order to give your hair the experience of deep conditioning. Detangle at regular intervals to avoid breakage and knots.

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