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Why are Chemical Hair Products Harmful and What is the Best Mousse for Soft Curls?

best styling mousse for curly hair


Putting unnecessary chemicals into your hair only weakens it. There are a number of fancy sounding, expensive hair care products available on the market that are often advertised as having certain beneficial chemicals. Some of these products may say that using them will benefit your hair health, growth, and texture.   This however, is a misconception. Hair products with excessive chemicals are quite harmful in the long run, even though they may give some short term results. Hair maintenance is a long term commitment; it requires a careful search and choice of products in order to find out what works perfectly for your unique hair.

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Then this blog post would be of particular relevance for you. Through our product testing and market research, we will provide you with various reasons why artificial chemical and enhancer-based hair products don’t work. We will also suggest changes in your product choice and hair care routine. Who doesn’t want a healthy head of hair after all?

Problems Involved in the Maintenance of Curly Hair

Curls are extremely difficult to maintain. We often see beauty bloggers and stylists on YouTube and Instagram sharing their curly hair maintenance routine. When I view them, it often seems quite time consuming and expensive. Not all of us have access to the premium products that these stylists have. Moreover, not everyone can afford to go to a salon twice or three times a month to get their hair done. Kinky or Afro textured hair which are professionally called type 4 curls are even more difficult to take care of. The hair product options are less and most of the time, even beauty salons don’t know how to adequately deal with the coiled texture.

Maintenance of Curly Hair through Curly Girl Mousse and Gel

If you have a head full of curls then chances are that in addition to shampoo and conditioner, you might have to apply additional hydrating and moisturizing hair products such as hair mousse and hair gel. Good mousse for curls is hard to find, since the market is mostly populated by products that cater to straight or wavy hair. Hair Mousse for Afro hair is specifically made for type 4 kinky hair, they help to counteract dryness and convert the texture from wiry and rough to soft and smooth. Being prone to dehydration and shrinking, the best mousse for soft curls is the one that is gel based or something that keeps your strands moisturized.

Advantages of using a Good Mousse for Curls

The best part about using a mousse or a gel based product is the fact that you can leave it in your hair and go about your daily routine. You go to work or to the supermarket, leaving the gel in. It makes your hair look shinier and also allows the ability to try out different hairstyles. This way, your hair receives its nourishment and you go about doing your daily activities without any disruptions.

Hair Care with Hair mousse for Afro Hair

Hair mousse for Afro hair is made with rich natural ingredients like shea, cocoa butter, palm oil and black castor oil. All of which serve to enrich, soften and bring sheen to your coily strands. Gels and Mousses also serve to reduce friction which makes it easier to style your hair.

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