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Ways to Keep Your 4C Hair Healthy

best hair products for 4c natural hair


In order to take good care of your hair, first you need to determine what type of you have. It is only after identifying your hair type; you can decide which products to use. It is widely known that curls are more difficult to take care of than straight hair. Curly hair comes in all forms. In this blog post we are going to talk about the best hair products for 4C Hair.

How to Determine Your Hair Texture?

Most of us with curls have found ourselves googling the best hair products for 4C natural hair or great hair products for 4C hair. A person’s hair type is either determined by the shape of the follicle or the shape that an individual strand has. A person with straight hair is said to have type 1 hair, a person with wavy hair is said to have type 2, type 3 stands for curls and type 4 is coils.

Best Hair Products for 4C Natural Hair

Type 4 hair is coily; it is also called Afro textured hair. Type 4 hair is dry and the zig zag nature of curls make them prone to flattening or shrinking which makes them appear shorter than they are. You can differentiate type 4C hair from other types of hair by identifying strands that are often tightly coiled. The zig zag pattern is so fine that it is often not visible at first, unless looked at from a close distance. One of the best things about type 4C hair is that it is amenable to various kinds of hairstyles. This hair type however, is also amenable to maximum shrinkage. Stylists assign the shrinkage rate to a whopping 75 percent or even more.

How to Choose Great Hair Products for 4C hair?

Optimum hair products for type 4C coils tackles the problems of dryness and shrinkage. Hair creams can be used in order to soften the strands. One should use products with chemicals or ingredients that keep the hair hydrated and makes them look less flattened.  Products having shea butter and cocoa butter for moisture, palm oil, red palm and castor oil work best with type 4C coily hair.

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