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The Importance of Shampooing Your Hair

best moisturizing shampoo for natural hair

Attractive and shiny hair generally leaves a good impression. Nourishing the scalp, as well as hair, is highly important as our hair is subjected to a lot of pollution, dirt and chemicals every day. Shampooing our hair is something we all take for granted.

Why is shampooing is of paramount importance?

Shampooing is fundamental hygiene as it eliminates excess oils. Our hair gets oils from the sebaceous glands which secrete sebum which in return causes dandruff and clogs pores that affect the hair growth adversely.

Shampooing helps in reducing and preventing hair loss. Dandruff and psoriasis can thin your hair. Cortisol, the steroid hormone, which is called the stress hormone can affect a person’s health adversely. Scientific research has demonstrated that shampooing your hair can actually bring down cortisol. Sebum can buildup on the scalp due to not shampooing the hair which leads to bacteria and can harm your scalp.

Another thing that’s highly important while shampooing is using the right shampoo according to your hair type. Doing this resets your hair and gives it a good base for any new style.

What shampoo to choose?

There are many women who avoid washing their hair regularly in fear that it will damage the hair. Regular cleaning of your hair with well-formulated natural hair shampoo and conditioner will not damage the hair. In fact, it will help fragile hair by decreasing combing force.

Here are the best moisturizing shampoos for natural hair.

Sucka Free Shampoo by The Doux: It’s a paraben and sulphate free shampoo which does not contain harsh detergents which leaves the natural hair feels smooth and soft.

This is one of the best moisturising shampoo for natural hair as it’s generous and has never been tested on animals. This moisturizing shampoo does not only cleanse your hair but actually detangles it by retaining and moisten the hair strands evenly. This shampoo has been recognized as the best moisturizing shampoo for 4c natural hair.

Conditioning your hair after shampooing with natural hair shampoo and conditioner is highly essential to have healthy and shiny hair. Conditioners smoothen the hair membrane and add body to it. It helps restore your hair and protect it from unnecessary damage. The hair gets damaged easily due to its subjection to the very harmful sun rays.

This moisturizing shampoo for 4c natural hair naturally moisturizes the hair and strengthens it. It has all the natural and biotic ingredients which are perfectly safe for the colour-treated hair and can be use on a daily use. The very best part about this natural moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is that it is formulated without silicones and paraben.

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